Paris Recommendations

21 Oct

I have a good friend traveling to Paris for the first time.  I have been there numerous times, so she asked me for some hotel and restaurant recommendations.  I figured I would post them here for your use.  By no means is this meant to be a comprehensive guide; It is simply a few recommendations.  Maybe when I catch up on my postings for this year’s trips, I will settle in and actually post some comprehensive guides with recommended itineraries .  Maybe I will even start with New York, the city I live in.  Novel idea, I know. Stay tuned…



NOTE: Rooms will be very small in most hotels.  Very small.

Arioso Hotel – 8th – boutique hotel with cozy lobby lounge – clean and classic rooms. Under 200 Euro

Hotel Athenee – 9th – boutique hotel  – Under 300 Euro

7 Eiffel – Left Bank – 7th – very clean and contemporary.  Under 200 Euro

Hotel Varenne – 7th – clean and classic rooms. Under 200 Euro

Hotel Londres Eiffel Tower – 7th – classic rooms with view of Eiffel Tower.  220 Euro for Eiffel view on 6th floor.

Hotel Wilson Opera – 8th – clean contemporary boutique. Under 200 Euro.  Have rooms with balcony

Banke Hotel – 9th – boutique design hotel – Under 300 Euro

Hotel Ares Eiffel – Left Bank – 15th – small boutique hotel.  Under 250 Euro

Le Burgundy – 8th – beautiful boutique, but pricey – 400 Euro

Le Belle Juliette – Left Bank – 6th – 400 Euro

 Hotel Thomieux – 7th – trendy design boutique

Castille Paris – 1st – 250 Euro – GREAT location

Hotel Keppler – 8th – beautiful boutique – Under 300 Euro – packages start at 229Euro

Hotel Le A – 8th – trendy contemporary (very white) – under 250 Euro



La Petite Chaise – 6thOldest restaurant in Paris

La Closerie de Lilas – 14th (?) near Luxembourg Gardens– Famous café where many writers and artists used to frequent. Piano Bar

Vivant – 10th – Hip bistro

Rino  – 11th (46 Rue Trousseau, Tel: 01 48 06 95 85), keeps locals coming back for more with a laid back atmosphere, creative combinations, and reasonable prices.

Restaurant Les Ombres – 7th – Eiffel Tower views

Pramil  – 3rd (9 Rue du Vertbois, Tel: 01 42 72 03 60) is an underrated gem. Chef Alain Pramil, formerly a Physics professor, is a self-taught chef who uses only market fresh, seasonal ingredients.

For more of a scene, go to Thomieux (7th/Eiffel Tower) (79 Rue Saint-Dominique, Tel: 01 47 05 49 75), an updated 1920’s brasserie.

Les Bouquinistes    
  53 quai des Grands Augustins F – 75006 Paris 06  
  Distance : 0.7 km
Opposite the second-hand bookstalls of the embankments.  Go for the dessert!

Le Comptoir    

  9 carr. de l’Odéon F – 75006 Paris 06  

 This very famous bistro is more often than not busy and reservations are hard to come by..awesome food (steaks, pates etc)..see if you can get a table..if you can’t, sitting at the counter is lots of fun!

Mon Vieil Ami  
Address 69 r. St-Louis-en-l’Île F , 75004 Paris 04,  Phone 01 40 46 01 35,  Fax 01 40 46 01 36 E- 

This one is a beautiful..very quiet..very good restaurant right on the Ile St Louis in the middle of the Seine

Maison Blanche     

  15 av. Montaigne F – 75008 Paris 08  
On top of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées.  This is a very cool restaurant..great views of the city glass ceiling..terrific food.

Marius et Janette      

 4 av. George V F – 75008 Paris 08

Very famous seafood…oysters etc..traditional..been around for years.

Le Bistro Paul Bert – 11th – Steak frites – Open Tuesdays through Saturdays noon to 2 pm and 7:30 to 11 pm

Chez l’Ami Jean – 7th – reservations required

Jadis – 15th – French bistro with inventive food


Septime – 11th – Inventive French


Le Servo – 14th – steak frites – need reservation


Relais de L’Entrecote – 6th (and other locations) – steak


 Le Verre Vole – 10th

Sassotondo – 11th – Italian

More Restaurants:


Patrick Roger – There are so many places for good sweet treats.  This guy, who has 5 shops in Paris, makes his own chocolate from bean to finished product, whereas most use pre-formed chocolate bars for their confections.

Chocolate Waffles: Grab a chocolate waffle across the street from the Eiffel Tower by the river and the carousel.  Yum—ME!



Stolly’s – 8th –“Classic Drinking Bar” – very small but cool spot 


Bar of Plaza Athenee or Le Meurice – Fancy drinks

5e Cru – 5th  – wine bar

Harry’s Bar – 1st near Opera Station – Classic cocktails and piano bar

Any bistro or bar along the river where you can sit outside with a glass of wine and a book and just take it all in.

More Bars:

 How is it possible the I have more restaurants than bars listed?  What?  Looks like I need to head back soon and lengthen that list!

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