Urban Traveler Itinerary Planning Service

21 Oct

Planning a trip and researching all of the possible hotels and restaurants as well as mapping out your daily itinerary is extremely time-consuming. Who has the time?  Moi!

I can provide you with travel itineraries custom-tailored to your individual wants and desires.  Tell me how long you will be away and what your interests are, what the budget is and we can take it from there. In addition to personal experiences and obsessive research, I have resources on the ground in a vast array of places, so you receive the latest information on where to stay, where to eat, where to drink and what to see on your next trip.

I can help you find your ideal hotel, book an ideal restaurant for that special occasion or tell you where the best party places are. I can map out your daily itineraries, giving you the most efficient plan for your time there. 

With an  itinerary from me, you’ll save yourself hours and hours of time on the computer or somewhat lost in your destination city (Where do we eat?, Which way should we go?, How do I get there?, etc.). 

Contact me here if interested.  I look forward to making your next trip a better one!



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